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Resource Post [Feb. 7th, 2005|09:39 pm]
Writercize Writing Challenge Community
Information and Resources used in this community:

Challenges (mostly) generated using SeventhSanctum.com.

Archive script courtesy of eFiction.

Anything to add to this post (writing help, etc.)? Comment and let me know!
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FAQ/Rules [Feb. 7th, 2005|09:34 pm]
Writercize Writing Challenge Community
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You want rules? Well, probably not, but you've got them anyway. Some of these are more informational than true rules, but whatever. If you'll read through them, you'll see they're pretty relaxed, albeit a bit wordy.

Anyway. Here's the scoop:

1. Every two weeks a new challenge will be posted both here and on the archive site. If you choose to respond to that challenge, great. Post your story on the archive at the end of the two weeks and you're good to go.

2. You may not have the time to finish a story within two weeks. Or maybe you'll want to re-do a challenge, or work on an old one that you didn't do before. That's fine. You are still asked to submit your work. You'll have the option to choose the particular challenge from the categories on the archive so people will be able to find your story with the others in a challenge. The whole point is to get people writing, and if something inspires you outside of the initial two-week challenge, who am I to tell you it's not ok to submit it?

3. If you're working on a challenge and find that you have a story (or poem, whatever) that doesn't meet all of the challenge criteria, you can still post it. You just won't archive under the particular challenge category (although I'm not going to go through and check your work to make sure you met the challenge points). Again, if you're inspired to write, but you can't fit the challenge points into your story, you're still encouraged to submit the story.

4. At this time, the challenges are open to any kind of fiction, including original fic, fan fic, slash, and poetry, of all ratings. I really wouldn't get anal if you had a non-fiction(!) piece. :) If I get any type of legal rumblings, I may change that, for now, you're welcome to submit anything - if there's a problem, we'll deal with it when it happens.

5. Stories must be submitted on the archive. If you want to cross-post the story to the community in order to allow for discussion, that's fine, but not required. Keep in mind that, depending on whether or not a few people or a lot of people participate, putting challenge stories in memories is going to be, well, a challenge (ha ha), and the archive will provide a way for people to find your stuff in the future.

If you respond to a challenge and you post your story ONLY on the archive, please post a comment in the appropriate challenge post with a link to your story on the archive (if you don't know how to do this, just email me and ask, and I'll explain how to link something). The challenge posts WILL be put into the memories, and this way people visiting the LJ community will know that you've put something on the archive.

I don't ask for exclusivity on any stories, so feel free to post your work to as many other communities as you like, but you must post the full story on this community under a cut tag, rather than linking to the story on your own LJ or another community's LJ. The archive is the only "off-site" place you may post your story and link to it.

Finally, for any story that you post here or on the archive, please put the following information at the beginning:

formatCollapse )

PLEASE NOTE: I have very, very mixed feelings about warnings on stories. I know it's common practice to label fan fiction with warnings, but original fiction found in published books doesn't come with warnings (even for non-consensual sex, character death, etc.), and I'm not comfortable applying different sets of rules to original and fan fiction. So be forewarned: as of right now, I am not going to require that authors post warnings for their stories. You're certainly welcome to do so, but readers should be aware that "anything goes" in a story, and that authors need not give you a heads up that something shocking might be coming. Unless someone can provide me with a convincing enough argument to use warnings here, I'm not requiring them.

**I may change this all of this at some point in the future...i.e., if people aren't using the LJ to comment/discuss stories, I may just have people post to the archive and link to the story from here, but we'll try it this way first.

6. No flaming, etc. If you don't like a story and can articulate that in a constructive way, that's fine, but "you suck!" and other comments along those lines won't be tolerated.

7. It's not a requirement, but PLEASE proofread your work. You can use the community to ask for betas, either for a story you haven't submitted or one that you've submitted that you'd like to work on a bit more. Really great stories often go through multiple revisions, and it's ok to post first drafts on the archive, but remember that grammar and spelling really are your friends, and that you'll get better feedback and potential beta readers if you take the time to proof your work.

8. Remember that the way to get the most feedback is to give feedback yourself! People can be notoriously bad at commenting on stories by other authors, but remember that critiquing someone else's story can help you when you review your own work. If you don't take the time to give feedback on other people's submissions, don't complain if you don't get any feedback on your own.

9. The archive is only open to new items - if you have stuff from the past, you need to find another place to post it.

10. I'm not going to disallow multi-chapter stories, but any story that isn't updated within six weeks will be moved into a special category, which I will name someting snarky, like "Stories That Had The Potential To Be Good But Really Aren't Because They Were Never Completed." There are few things more frustrating that getting into a great story, figuring out that it has multiple chapters, and then discovering that the author hasn't updated in several months. After six months, any stories that haven't been completed or updated will be deleted.

11. I reserve the rights to update this FAQ at any time, because I am a petty bitch with a constantly changing mind. ;)
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