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Challenge #2 - Brevity is Your Friend - March 21 - April 10 - Writercize [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Challenge #2 - Brevity is Your Friend - March 21 - April 10 [Mar. 20th, 2005|10:38 pm]
Writercize Writing Challenge Community
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Here's the next challenge, which will officially run from March 21 - April 10. I'm giving an extra week in there because of Easter, and yes, I realize that it's not yet the 21st, but I forgot I set the last challenge to end on Saturday (I meant for it to end on Sunday - I'm a doofus). Anyway, here's the info:

(remember that the challenge title does not need to be your story title - you are welcome to title the story whatever you like)

The theme this week is drabbles. You can have one story made up of several drabbles that function as different scenes, or just have several non-related drabbles (please provide header info per the FAQ for each separate drabble if you change fandoms or pairings). Use the following guidelines:

1. Challenges should be made up of at least 3 to 5 drabbles. The strict definition of drabbles means 100 words, although up to 500 words per drabble is fine.

2. One of the drabbles should contain a reference to Spring.

3. One drabble should have an animal in it.

Don't forget you can still submit under the guidelines of Challenge #1 if this challenge doesn't float your boat.

Happy writing!

[User Picture]From: adolwyn
2005-03-21 04:47 am (UTC)
Another great challenge! :) All my typing time is taken up with essays at the moment, but the minute I'm done these godforsaken things, you better believe I'll be catching up. :P
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