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Welcome to writercize, a writing community for anyone hoping to get their creative juices flowing with the help of a challenge. This community is open to writers of all types of fiction (including fan fiction and poetry) and will be run pretty leniently. The whole goal of starting the community was to inspire people to write, and strict challenges aren't always conducive to helping the creative process. In other words, the rules are really geared to give everyone room to be creative, so check out the FAQ post for details, but don't expect anything too anal in terms of how you respond to a challenge.

In general, there will be a new challenge posted every two weeks. If you respond to it, great. Or if you respond to an old challenge, great. Or if you get an idea from a challenge but don't actually use the terms of the challenge...still fine. Just post the story whenever it's done on the archive, and you're set.

Simple, right?

Keep track of the past challenges using either the memories or the archive. Please be sure to read the FAQ/Rules before posting anything, and let me (buffyspazz, aka Laura) know if you have any questions.

Have fun!

WRITING CHALLENGE #3 - "With Criminal Intent" - open April 11 - 24

In order to qualify for the challenge, the following criteria should be met:

One of your main characters must either be a regular, practicing criminal or must have committed a criminal act. In original fiction, it's pretty obvious what to do; in fan fiction, you can either have an existing canon character commit the crime OR create an OOC that features prominently in the story. The severity of the criminal act is up to you.

For more info, visit the challenge post. Happy writing!