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Challenge #1 - "If Music Be the Food of Life..." - March 3 - 19 - Writercize [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Challenge #1 - "If Music Be the Food of Life..." - March 3 - 19 [Mar. 3rd, 2005|10:19 pm]
Writercize Writing Challenge Community
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As of 3/3/05 - the archive is not really functional yet, so please don't go poking around. I need to customize it, but I thought I'd get a challenge up and running, and then I can work on getting the archive up this weekend.

Here are the points you should cover in your story in order to submit it under the first challenge category, "If Music Be the Food of Life...":

(note that the challenge title does not need to be your story title - you are welcome to title the story whatever you like)

1. The story should have a jar of jelly in it somewhere.

2. It should either begin or end in some type of musical place (a record store, music classroom, etc).

3. At least one character should discover something (open to interpretation - it could be a thing, a self-discovery, whatever - let yourself go wild).

The challenge will officially end on March 19 (I'm giving a few extra days, since the community is new and I just started advertising it). If you finish your story before I have the archive complete, you can post the story on the community and then I'll archive it when the archive is up, or you can hold it and wait to post it to the archive.

Finally, I know that they're really, really long, but please take the time to read the rules before you begin the challenge, as I have lots of info on how the challenges on this community work (you'll see it's VERY laidback), as well as instructions on how to post your work.

Enjoy!! :D